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Quality Leads at National Agents Alliance

National Agents Alliance has a superb, in-house lead generation program unlike any other. At NAA, all lead generation is done within the company, meaning we do not buy our agents’ leads from random outside vendors. When companies buy insurance leads from vendors, there is always a risk of those same leads being sold to hundreds of other agents, the leads being months or years old, or the majority of the leads being people who are not interested in buying insurance. That’s why we generate our leads in house.

We filter our leads to make sure they are fresh and are people who are genuinely interested in buying insurance. We equip our agents with the best of the best.

We generate our leads solely for the use of our agents, meaning that we are not a lead vendor. We do not sell our leads to agents or companies outside of NAA – our leads are create for and distributed to only NAA agents. No more calling leads that have no interest in buying insurance and no idea how you got their contact information. We filter that for you.