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About National Agents Alliance

National Agents Alliance is an insurance marketing organization with agents in all 50 states. Every day, the number of NAA agents grows as the need for insurance in the U.S. grows.

Factors that influence NAA’s growth are the in-house lead generation system, hardworking agents who create higher client satisfaction and the gratifying compensation program for agents.

At National Agents Alliance, we teach our agents that “your clients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Because of our insistence on agents getting to know clients, agents are able to provide clients with the best coverage available, based on their needs and budgets. At NAA, we serve our clients. That’s why NAA is the top marketing channel for mortgage protection insurance.

We are our clients’ personal agents, so clients are able to call us with questions at any time. Clients are able to make direct calls – so automated systems. Calls are made to real people – only one simple call to clear up any questions or problems.

National Agents Alliance was established in 2002, but its origins spread over the past 20 years. Today, NAA continues to grow and expand.

We work to make our clients happy. We offer a variety of products from different carriers to assure that there is an appropriate insurance option for all needs and budgets. Clients are not limited to one product type or carrier, but are provided with many options to choose from.

We train our agents to be the best they can be, to put clients’ needs first, and to provide as many Americans as possible with insurance coverage.